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I've been working in the technology industry for over twenty years, as a developer, PM and leader, in companies large and small, in the US, Europe and Asia.


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About Me

I was raised in the Detroit area of Michigan where we had hot humid summers and frigid, snowy winters. Our schools were sometimes dangerous, everyone followed the local sports teams and vacations usually involved camping, fishing and swimming.


I started in technology early on, writing code for fun starting around seventh or eighth grade, hosting a public BBS and building apps professionally while still in high school (which was a bigger deal back then).  

I've spent my entire career implementing technology to solve a wide variety of problems in a plethora of industries. I work hard to stay on top of the ever-changing technology industry, to follow and understand the trends, always evaluating technologies and picking up new skills. 


Similarly, I make a point of learning about the intricacies of the problems we use technology to address, knowing that only by really, deeply understanding the problem can we effectively use technology to solve it.  

I've found that technology projects succeed only when you get the culture right - the right goals and expectations, the right people and teams, the right process, etc. - and so supporting the right culture is at the core of all the projects I'm involved in.  


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